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Last updated Monday, April 19, 2021


Our street address is visible on your company’s public information profile and can be used as your mailing address.  Nevada Registered Agent Service™ will accept all mail and service of process here on your behalf and scan/email them to you the same day we receive it. This is included in your $39 yearly service. Our address can be found at this CONTACT US link. When using our address for you business, it is strongly suggested that you also provide a mailing address that comes directly to you for sensitive information such as bank statements, credits cards, payments, etc.


Our business address is for official correspondence regarding your company and general mailing address purposes. We are happy to provide this service with your $39 annual fee. The use of this address is not for accounts receivable/payable, vendors, invoicing, utilities or other high volume mail activities. Mail activities such as these are an additional fee and more information can be found on our website at this MAIL FORWARDING page.


Nevada Registered Agent Service™ can also accept parcels, monetary instruments, credit or bank cards, mail than cannot be scanned or anything else that is not transmittable via email should you wish to subscribe to our mail forwarding service. This is an additional fee and more information can be found on our website at this MAIL FORWARDING page. Please note that anything that is received here that is not transmittable electronically will be subject to an administrative forwarding fee and the cost of postage and/or shipping. Regardless of your service agreement with us, we will always notify you of any mail, package or service of process that is delivered to our address.


We've seen an increasing trend where banks are sweeping their databases to verify that physical addresses are real physical addresses. They are checking to verify that your physical address complies with federal banking regulations in order to open and maintain a U.S. business bank account. Mailbox addresses, PO Boxes, and most apartment addresses are not allowed. A physical address is an address for a tangible building, which can be a home, office, or an office suite inside a corporate building. Some banks will accept residential or business addresses while others will only accept business addresses. Banks will do the following to check if your physical address meets with federal banking regulations.

·        Banks will check the address against the USPS address database to see if it's a mailbox address. Additionally, some banks will check your address to see if it's a registered agent address as that's also not acceptable.

·        Banks will request a proof of address that may be a lease agreement or a utility bill to show that the address physically exists and is owned by you. Some will accept a city or county business license as proof of address. We recommend you call your bank to obtain a list of acceptable documents they will accept before opening a bank account with them.


The following addresses are not considered physical addresses.

·        A Post Office Box also known as a PO Box is a stand-alone lockable mailbox located in a post office.

·        Mailbox rental store addresses, such as The UPS Store, Postal Annex, and other local mailbox rental shops.

·        Virtual mailbox services or any other addresses that are flagged as Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) addresses in the postal address database.


Banks in Nevada are becoming more restrictive on business addresses and should you use your own be prepared to show a lease or utility bill to confirm your address when opening a bank account. Nevada Registered Agent Service™ will provide a written statement confirming the validity of our business address for you use should you decide to use ours. This document can be requested by our clients by email or you can download it in the business templates forms link that was provided when you retained us as your registered agent. The address confirmation and business templates are for client use only and are not available on our website.


We do not maintain a storefront when your customers may come in and expect a front office with a secretary, we are only service providers.



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