Customer Focus

 Customers are not just a source of revenue - they are the ambassadors of our brand and the lifeblood of our company.


·         We understand that without our customers, there would be no SynergyCorp

·         And so we work hard to go that extra mile, every time

·         Customer focus is about relationships

·         It is about understanding

·         It is about listening

·         It is about giving people what they need, when they need it

·         These relationships do not end when we sell a home - indeed, this is just the beginning

·         SynergyCorp is a lifestyle brand, and we work endlessly to improve the lives of our customers



Trust, Integrity & Fairness


·         In order to thrive, a company must develop a rock-solid trust with its employees and customers, but also with its suppliers and partners

·         This trust is built on honesty, reliability and quality

·         Trust is a two way relationship

·         Trust is especially important for SynergyCorp

·         As we enter into new markets and new partnerships, our reputation will often go before us

·         We must strive, every day, to make sure our reputation does us justice

·         We must demonstrate integrity and fairness not only through our words, but through our actions

·         If we say one thing and do another, trust will evaporate

·         Behaving in a fair and honest way is a responsibility to those we do business with, and to ourselves

·         Our future success depends on it, and so does our peace of mind



Innovation, Speed & Execution


·         We at SynergyCorp have always placed great emphasis on ideas

·         We encourage people to experiment, to explore, to test the boundaries of what is possible

·         Indeed, we believe such boundaries do not exist - our starting point is that everything is possible

·         We want our innovation to come from everyone in the company

·         The only bad idea is keeping your ideas to yourself

·         And we want innovation to touch everything that we do - from marketing to sales, from development to the use of materials

·         At the same time, we are aware that the best idea in the world means nothing without execution

·         It is not enough to be the best - you have to be the first, again and again

·         But we should never compromise quality in our efforts to move fast

·         This is the challenge we face every day: Balancing speed and quality

·         And this has been the foundation of our success - achieving that balance



Open Communications


·         In any company, open communications is always a challenge

·         From the very beginning, SynergyCorp has committed itself fully to the ideals of transparency and accountability

·         Because of this, we have built trust with our customers and we have attracted and retained the best employees

·         There has to be frank and open dialogue - both internally and with the outside world

·         We listen, and we encourage people to speak up

·         This is especially true as SynergyCorp strives to lead by example. We practice what we preach

·         It is no longer enough for us to embrace international best practices - we must set them



Social Responsibility


·         Social responsibility is about giving something back, and we do this with every project we take on

·         We give people places to live, work, play and learn

·         We build developments that enhance their surroundings, that enrich people’s lives

·         Our communities provide amenities like community centers, play grounds, pools and walkways where families spend time together further enriching their lives

·         SynergyCorp enters into emerging markets and, through its developments, stimulates investment and creates jobs

·         It is important for us to take on special projects and contribute to our communities

·         We believe that social responsibility should be a part of everything SynergyCorp does

·         We care about our planet and the environment. We are committed to being part of the solution and not the problem



Employee Development & Positive Work Environment


·         It is not enough for employees to be happy in their work. In order for a company to succeed, they must be passionate

·         Passion is about believing in what you do

·         We work hard to ensure that people feel valued, that good work does not go unrecognized

·         We are committed to helping our employees develop their talents - whether through formal training or day-to-day experience in the workplace

·         SynergyCorp is an equal opportunity employer. We believe in strength through diversity

·         We foster positive energy - if an employee has concerns or problems, we are there to help

·         We do not offer people jobs - we offer them a chance to grow



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