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Nevada's tax climate is among the least burdensome in the country. For that reason, Nevada is consistently ranked as having some of the most business-friendly laws in the nation. Nevada’s tax structure offers a business environment few states can match. While federal income and certain other taxes are unavoidable facts of life, Nevada does not impose numerous taxes found in other states. No corporate income tax. No personal income tax. No franchise tax on income. No inventory tax. You do not have to be a resident of Nevada to form your business here, we act as your agent of record and establish a Nevada address for your business.


Nevada Registered Agent Service™ truly wants to earn your business and we will form your new Nevada entity with no money upfront or obligation. Simply click from one of the following hyperlinks for a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Limited Partnership, Limited Partnership, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship or Nonprofit entity. Complete the downloaded form and return it to us at and we will proceed to actually create an active filing with the Nevada Secretary of State. We will then send the approved filing for your review and approval. if everything is correct simply click on the included link to finalize your new business and since your filing is already approved you will be an active Nevada business minutes after you complete your transaction. If there are any corrections or changes we will revise your filing as needed to your satisfaction.


All of our filings are same day service, usually completed in an hour or so. We do not charge extra for this expedited same day service and we ask for no money upfront. We also file amended lists, annual lists, business license, cancelations, certificates of good standing, dissolutions, terminations, trademarks, reinstatements, revivals, renewals and more.


Nevada Registered Agent Service™ has been forming Nevada entities since 1991 and is here to ensure you succeed. We can provide valuable experience and knowledge specific to Nevada. We are not lawyers or CPA’s and clients are always encouraged to consult with their legal and tax advisors regarding the laws and regulations in the state and jurisdictions where they are doing business. We are a experienced service provider that can get your business operating in Nevada for a very reasonable price and provide outstanding service.

Our business filing services are $100 plus State of Nevada fees.








New Business Entity Filings

Corporations, Limited Liability Company, Serial Limited Liability Company, Restricted Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Limited Partnership, Limited Partnership, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Nonprofits

$ 100

Initial List


State Business license application


Articles of Incorporation/Organization


Templates for your new business

   - Articles of Incorporation

   - Banking Resolution

   - Business Address Confirmation

   - Bylaws

   - LLC Operating Agreement

   - Series LLC Operating Agreement

   - Restricted LLC Operating Agreement

   - Member Managed LLC Operating Agreement

   - Manager Managed LLC Operating Agreement

   - Minutes

   - Stock Certificate



Same day turnaround


Name Availability Search


Annual Report Compliance


Customer support for life


Use of our Business Address


Email forwarding of USPS mail received than can be scanned



Existing Business Entity Filings

Annual lists, amended lists, Articles of Domestication, business license, cancellations, certificates of good standing, dissolution's, terminations, trademarks, reinstatement's, revivals, renewals, etc.

$ 100


State of Nevada Fees



State of Nevada Fees - LLC

$ 425

State of Nevada Fees - Corporation

$ 725

State of Nevada Fees - Non Profit

$ 100

Amended List

$ 150

Annual list / Business License LLC

$ 350

Annual list / Business License CORP


Articles of Domestication

$ 350


Additional Services



Registered Agent Service, 1 year

$ 39

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

$ 75


Business License/Exemption, Existence (Good Standing), Charter, Statement of Partnership Authority, Fact

$ 100

Trademark, Trade Name or Service Mark

$ 240

Customized Incorporation Documents

Minutes, Waivers, Bylaws, Stock Ledger, Stock Certificates, etc. specific for your new business


$ 375

MAIL FORWARDING of USPS mail received than can NOT be scanned

From $22.50 a month


Order Online





 Changes to State of Nevada Compliance Legislation


Service Agreement


EIN Procurement Form




Profit Corporation


Non-Profit Corporation


Limited-Liability Company


Limited-Liability Partnership


Limited Partnership






 Articles of Domestication


Thank you for choosing Nevada Registered Agent Service™ for your business filing needs. This information outlines the process to retain our services. Should you have any questions, please email us at or give us a call at (702) 628-7279.


Download the form that pertains to which type of business structure you want to create from the box to your left. You will also need to download the Service Agreement files regardless of the type of company you are forming with us.


            * Read the form Changes to State of Nevada Compliance Legislation and retain for your files.

            * Enter the requested information into the fill able PDF forms.

            * Complete the forms, which are fill able PDF documents and save them for your records.

            * Print, sign and scan the forms and email them to us at

                        If you don’t have a scanner, fax the forms to us at (800) 948-0601.

                        If you don’t have a scanner or a fax, mail the forms to us; see the contact us link below.

            * Pay for the services your requesting online by clicking the Pay Online link below.

            * All filing services are $100, if you require any of our additional services please add them to your cart

                  at checkout.


Once we have received your completed forms and payment, we will send you a completed package for your review as well as a total of the State of Nevada fees that will be required prior to our submission to the Nevada Secretary of State. Upon your approval the documents and payment of the required of Nevada fees, we will submit, obtain and email your filed documents the same day.


All online payment transactions are subject to a credit card processing fee, which are clearly shown at checkout prior to payment. The fees charged by the State of Nevada vary depending on the type of business you are forming and are sole and separate charges independent of our fees listed above.



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