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·        Acceptance Form Instructions

·        Am I required to notify the Secretary of State if I close my business?

·        Amendments, Cancellations, Dissolutions, Terminations, Mergers, Exchanges, Conversions, Reinstatements and Revivals

·        Apostille

·        Applying for EIN without SSN or ITIN - non-US citizens

·        Articles of Domestication

·        Articles of Incorporation

·        Can You Have Multiple Businesses Under One LLC?

·        Can you serve as your own Registered Agent?

·        Change of Business Address

·        Changing Registered Agents

·        Choose your business name

·        Compliance

·        Corporate Transparency Act

·        Confidential and Secure

·        Correspondence received by Nevada Registered Agent Service™

·        Do I Have to Publish an Annual Statement in Nevada?

·        Do I Need an EIN?

·        Electing S Corporation Status for a Limited Liability Company

·        Employer Identification Number (EIN)

·        Fictitious Business Name/DBA in Nevada

·        Fiduciary Duty

·        Foreign Qualification

·        LLC Benefits as a Business Entity

·        LLC Operating Agreement

·        Name Restrictions

·        Nevada Business Tax

·        Nevada Company Name Restrictions

·        Nevada Corporation Law

·        Nevada Disadvantaged Business Resources

·        Nevada Tax Center – Set up and manage your business tax filings with the Nevada Department of Taxation

·        Nevada Tax Center FAQ page

·        New Entity Formation and Filing

·        No Hidden Fees or Surprises

·        Parcels received by Nevada Registered Agent Service™

·        Physical street address in Nevada

·        Restricted Word List

·        S Corporations

·        State of Nevada Business License FAQ

·        State of Nevada Unemployment Insurance Tax Guide

·        Tax IDs for Foreigners

·        Types of Nevada LLC's

·        Using our address

·        What are the Benefits of an LLC Over an S Corporation in Nevada?

·        What is a Benefit Corporation?

·        What is a NAICS code?

·        What is a Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC)?

·        What is a Restricted LLC?

·        What is a Series LLC?

·        Service of Process

·        What Is the difference between a Member-Managed vs. Manager-Managed LLC?

·        What Is the difference between a Series LLC & a Restricted LLC?

·        What is the difference between an LLC and a Corporation?

·        Where do find your forms?

·        Why is your address not listed on the Registered Agent Acceptance/Statement of Change form?



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