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In 2008 Marc Gohres watched as the economic crisis set its sights on Las Vegas. The devastating financial fallout brought an end to the construction boom, therefore forcing Gohres to close shop on his family construction business that had operated for over 25 years. The opulent party town was now abandoned construction sites, unfinished buildings and developments, and foreclosed homes.



Gohres stood amidst the desert town that had just been stripped down to its bare bones and he did some soul searching. The construction business had been his plan “A”, the safe and responsible route he chose years earlier to provide stability for a family. Yet, his plan “A” (much like the safe and strategic routes so many other Americans chose) had been susceptible to the financial fallout. Taken from underneath him. And then Gohres had his epiphany. It was time to follow his dream. The dream he left behind, the dream that seemed too risky way back when… this time Gohres would listen to his heart and live for his passion.



Marc Gohres turned to the thing he loved the most for the longest, handcrafting guitars. What was “right” or sensible didn’t matter anymore. Deep inside he yearned to follow his excitement and dedication to the craft. It was now or never. Gohres had an affinity for the guitar from an early age and he built them all throughout High School. By 2008 he had accumulated a collection of 100 custom guitars (all but maybe three had been made my Gohres).



Seeing that guitars and music in general had remained a big part of his life even while he ran the construction business, Gohres had a circle of professional musicians that could support his new endeavor. Whether they were placing orders for his guitars, or providing valuable feedback, the musicians and guitar players surrounding Marc Gohres kick started his passion project and provided his guitars with a credibility that cannot be doubted.




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