From the hands of the craftsman to the hearts of their fellow man, each Sin City guitar that is built will go on to touch many lives in its owners lifetime and beyond (typically these instruments are passed down generation to generation). Each guitar is a thread that ties the tangible love and passion of the craftsman to the people that will be touched by the music created by that very instrument.


It is quite poetic to think of each guitar’s transformation from wood to instrument. The setting: a workshop, the desert landscape outside, artisans at work, the sound of wood chiseling. As the desert wind kicks up you can feel Vegas past all around you. It circles up with the sand, and it reminds us of all who have come through this town before us; the cowboys, the mobsters, and the rock stars. Their energy is just as much alive in these guitars as the artisans crafting them.


The time, the care, and the love that goes into hand crafting an object like a guitar is evident in the finished product. This is not straight off an assembly line where machines assemble guitars. What you feel when you hold a Sin City Guitar is the bond between the artisan and his finished work of art. That guitar is part of the artisan’s legacy.


Although Gohres maintains that no two Sin City Guitars are exactly the same you can be sure that the craftsmanship is consistent and always top of the line. As are Gohres’ standards, “My talent and my passion is making guitars. I would never let a guitar go out that I wouldn’t play myself or wouldn’t be proud of...



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